prototype:IT News: Dianna attends the BISNOW event

Dianna attends the BISNOW event.

Refuse Specialists’ Ray Bell, Prototype IT’s Dianna Biscan, with event sponsor CFA Alliance Group’s Bobby Durham. Bobby tells us CFA stands for construction, finance, and architectural services. CFA Alliance Group helps connect people and match projects and developers with the best firms for their projects.

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Prototype:IT Services Power Point with Video


Post by Prototype IT.

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prototype:IT has The Steam Team working late after the main sprinkler line cracked

prototype:IT has The Steam Team working late after the main sprinkler line cracked on the north side of the building gushing 150 gallons out a minute. PT and its awesome staff will be up at 7am as usual servicing our customers. Thank you PT staff for helping out and the friends on PT packing […]

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Christmas gift ideas

Having trouble thinking of the perfect gift for someone?

Look no further.

Here are 6 tech gifts that are sure to impress even the pickiest people.


1. SensoGlove

Golf gadgets are nothing new, but golf gloves with a built-in computer? Well, that’s a first. SensoSoultions announced this week its SensoGlove, a golf glove with sensors that tells […]

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May the feathers be with you

By now, most people are well acquainted with the popular game “Angry Birds.” This game has been topping the most downloaded charts since it was first released in 2009. What is they’re newest release you ask? Angry Birds Star Wars.

Since Lucasfilm was recently sold to Disney and are in talks to adding to the […]

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