The Benefits of Migrating to Office365

Migrate Your Office to the Cloud with prototype:IT and Office365
Office365 is the latest generation of the popular productivity suite from Microsoft – the the first to take your office to the cloud.

The benefits of migrating your business to Office365 include:

Cost - Since Office365 is a subscription-based service, it is fully scale-able on a user by user […]

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Monetize Your Public Wi-Fi and Keep it Secure

Introducing Smart Access Management Service from Ruckus Wireless and prototype:IT…
Let prototype:IT simplify the roll-out of your public Wi-Fi network with the new Smart Access Management Service from Ruckus Wireless.  This new wireless solution is one of the most powerful Wi-Fi solutions currently available for restaurants, retail stores, hospitality – any environment where public Wi-Fi […]

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Heartbleed bug: Time to Change Your Passwords Again

The Heartbleed bug is all over the news, but what is it and what do you need to do about it?

The Heartbleed bug is a glitch that leaves sites that rely upon a security system called Open SSL vulnerable.  The bug affects 1000s of sites ranging from Yahoo and Google to Tumblr and  […]

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Windows 8.1 Update Works More Like the Windows You Know

When Microsoft released Windows 8 in late 2012, it was immediately obvious that Microsoft was aiming to catch up with Apple and Google when it came to mobile and tablet users.  However, traditional desktop and laptop PC users typically found the massive changes in the user interface difficult to manage with a mouse and […]

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prototype:IT News: Dianna attends the BISNOW event

Dianna attends the BISNOW event.

Refuse Specialists’ Ray Bell, Prototype IT’s Dianna Biscan, with event sponsor CFA Alliance Group’s Bobby Durham. Bobby tells us CFA stands for construction, finance, and architectural services. CFA Alliance Group helps connect people and match projects and developers with the best firms for their projects.

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