The Power of Sound

It is easy to take everyday tasks for granted. We are told to always be grateful for what you have: your health, family, fortune. But how is it for someone that was defied sound, someone that has spent her entire life deaf.
Technology usually comprises the latest and greatest gadgets, phones or computers; but what […]

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iPhone 5 Rumblings and Rumours

The anticipation is high, everyone is anxiously awaiting the new sibling to Apple’s ever growing family. The release date is comingsometime in middle to late of October. The rumours are swirling with hopes and dreams that can only be lessened by the arrival of the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is coming. That successor might have […]

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Facebook’s new venture – Music

The music and media platform will be announced at Facebook’s f8 developer conference on Sept. 22. It will allow users to listen to music from within Facebook. Evidence of Facebook’s music platform first surfaced in the code of Facebook’s video chat service
It seems that Facebook will not directly host or stream any music or media. Instead, it […]

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