Top browser plug-ins for small businesses

Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer... choosing a browser is an important step for your business, but it's just a first step. Nowadays, you can use browser plug-ins to further customize your online experience.

But with so many plug-ins available to small business owners, how can you choose which are the most suitable? Well, we’ve done the hard work already, so read on to learn more about the top browser plug-ins for small businesses.

1. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a free plug-in that’s available for Chrome and Firefox. It automatically screens out unwanted online advertisements, from blinking banners to unexpected video commercials. You can even choose to allow unobtrusive ads or create lists of specific websites that you’d prefer to visit ad-free. All in all, it makes for a more streamlined and less distracting online experience.

2. Last Pass

LastPass takes the hassle out of using multiple passwords to protect your data from prying eyes. It uses AES 256-bit encryption with routinely increased PBKDF2 iterations – that’s tech-speak for "serious encryption" – to store random non-dictionary passwords. You only have to remember your "LastPass" – a secure password that you can use to start safely browsing the Internet.

3. StayFocusd/LeechBlock

When there’s work to be done it’s important to avoid distractions, and that’s where StayFocusd and LeechBlock come in. Designed for Chrome and Firefox respectively, they allow you to limit your time on distracting websites, temporarily blocking them when time is up.

You can even block websites at specific times (so Facebook, for example, might be available during your lunch break). It’s a great way to ensure that you, and your employees, stay on task. 

4. MightyText

MightyText is one of the most useful extensions out there, syncing with your mobile device so that you can send and receive messages from within Firefox or Chrome. It also backs up messages so you needn’t worry about losing them. It’s designed for use with Android phones, but iPhone owners can use iMessage in the same way.

5. Rapportive

LinkedIn has become an indispensable resource for businesses, allowing owners and operators to connect with colleagues, find new talent, and learn about the competition. Rapportive brings this information to your Gmail inbox, automatically matching your contacts with their LinkedIn profiles. For small business owners, it’s a convenient way to learn more about suppliers, customers, and colleagues on the fly.

Plugging into the online world

In this article, we’ve touched on just a few of the things you can do with plug-ins and extensions for major browsers.

After you’ve tried out the plug-ins above, perhaps the best thing to do is visit the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons page and start looking for solutions that support your business.