5 Reasons to Consider a Managed Service Provider

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If you’re the owner of a business, chances are you’ve heard of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and have wondered what the benefit is to outsource IT rather than build a self-sufficient, fixed team? To alleviate the internal IT strain, MSPs take over the management of your network so that you can focus on what matters most: your business.

From improved reliability and better budgeting, down to more proactive guard duty to basic efficiency, MSP’s are valuable in their own right. At Prototype: IT, we’re happy to be your service provider. Even more, we’re happy to stand alongside the following benefits that our service can bring to you.

1.   Efficiency

Most companies that look for our services have become adapted to the “firefighting” method of tracking, responding, and putting out events. Because of our matured toolsets, as a managed service provider, we’re able to proactively target and extinguish events, allowing recovery to begin immediately. Typically, the efficiency, time, and resources gained through managed services are so great that businesses are shocked over the actual inefficiency of their previous IT systems.

2.   Early Issue Detection

Not only are we proactively responding to events at a rate typically faster than your in-house IT, but most times we’re able to head them off at the pass. With our tools and software, we’re able to divert your system failures before you even realize them. Should an event be imminent, we’re able to foresee the event and plan and prevent it from occurring, saving you from unnecessary downtime and risk.

3.   Patch Management

When your staff is too busy working on, you guessed it, your business, patch management falls to the bottom of the priority pile. This can leave your company at risk of security vulnerabilities that may occur when your patches are outdated. While your employees are doing their duty, we’re updating your hard and software so that your workflow can continue to flow like honey.

4.   Infrastructure

When a company approaches a managed service provider, an unexpected benefit comes as periodic reviews. Service providers like us are constantly looking out for technical faults that might jeopardize your company’s productivity, and mitigating it is our job. Your outdated devices, OS upgrades, system updates, pretty much anything that needs to be done but are put on the backburner due to limited resources, are placed under our watch. We monitor these issues and bring them to your attention so that we can come to terms on how to resolve them before things become outdated.

5.   Budgeting

Planning for technology can be difficult when things can change in an instant. Before you know it, a computer or server crashes, and your budget is busted on unexpected repair costs. With a fixed monthly cost, managed service allows you to better budget your service costs as well as plan for the future, without any unexpected back breakers. When an event occurs, you’re already losing money. The last thing you want to do is have to spend money, too.


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