Will Moore's Law Continue?

Moore’s Law infographic:   via  Visual.ly

Moore’s Law infographic: via Visual.ly

Moore’s Law states that computer power will double roughly every two years. This was proposed by Gordon Moore in 1965 and he believed it would last about a decade. The theory is still holding up, though often with discussion on how much longer it will last. This has become a topic for debate whether manufacturers can continue to keep this pace.

What might slow the pace? Some feel we are reaching the limit of transistor size and microprocessor performance. Large advances might be needed such as bio-engineered processors.

What pressure is causing the constant advancements? Some estimate microprocessor chips sales will increase from $315 billion in 2015, to $380 billion in 2016.

A slowed pace could lead to major changes in the computing industry. IT equipment may not be outdated as quickly. Warranty specifics may be the differentiator between products, more than new features. So whether the performance gains increase at the same rate or not, businesses will continue to evaluate their options on how to out manage their competitors.