Surface Tension

Saturated markets are everywhere and technology is one of them. The options for a tablet, computer, or smart device are endless. You may be asking yourself what makes the Surface Pro a contender in a world governed by Apple and Google? 

Microsoft attacked a market that runs on a mobile operating system and brought a full version of Windows to it. What does this mean for you, the consumer? Use everything you would use on your desktop at home, at work, or on your laptop in a more compact setting. The Surface Pro 3 packs a punch in the power department. Outfitted with a varying size range of SSDs, the latest generation of Intel processors, and even a detachable keyboard cover, it’s everything you need to do most anything.

Being the size of an iPad, it’s an easy grab, allowing you to get your work done in any environment, be it the café, office, or just watching videos on the couch. Some cool features of the Surface Pro include the Pen to draw or manipulate the device in any way you see fit. The built-in Kickstand allows you to set it up anywhere with ease and get to work quicker. The mini display port allows this beast of a tablet to be plugged into various monitors, meaning, you can use this device as a full-fledged computer if you desire. Do I hear jumps for joy? I sure am jumping myself.  You can see more of the features of the Surface Pro 3 in the below pictures.

In conclusion, the Surface Pro 3 does what the competitors can’t. Run a full-fledged operating system natively on something the size of a tablet… And do it flawlessly. Use it as a tablet, use it as a computer, heck, even use it as a creative space or a journal. It’s whatever you want it to be.  We guarantee you are going to love it.