The email spam filter and you : A brief guide


New data from security firm Symantec has shown email spam to reach an all-new 12-year low as hackers and cyber attackers turn away from it. Falling below the 50% mark, the amount of spam emails sent in the first quarter of 2015 is on the same level as it was in 2003, which means although your spam filter might be working well, you simply may be receiving less than you previously were. What does all of this mean?

Well, while spam may be frustrating and unwanted, when clicked on, spam has an ability to generate money or attach malware onto your computer. The drop in sent spam suggests cyberattacks are currently adapting and refocusing their efforts on new ways to generate money. Malware attacks, ransomware, and crypto-ransomware are undoubtedly on the rise and may represent a new era in cybercrime.

Unfortunately, the same spam filters that prevents spam from cyber criminals may also be blocking emails that you might find important. Publicists, marketers, salespeople and other professionals whose jobs rely on emailing might find their work futile if their spam gets stuck in a folder with all the malware that the filter thinks it’s a part of. If your job relies on emailing, we’ve created a list of obvious words and phrases not to use when you want to ensure that your message gets to the right person.

Obvious words and phrases that set off spam filters

·         Cash

·         Money

·         Reduce debt

·         Home mortgage

·         Problem with shipping

·         Problem with your order

·         Cialis, Viagra, etc.

·         Cheap meds

·         Weight loss

·         As seen on Oprah

·         Replica watches

·         Gift card

·         Diet

·         Millions

·         Earn your degree

·         Bad credit

·         Easy income

·         Work from home

·         Lottery

·         Pay your bills

·         Free laptop/iPad

·         Job alert

·         Foreclosure

·         Bankruptcy

·         Timeshare

·         Take our survey

·         Discount coupon

·         Store credit

·         Huge deals

·         Free download

·         Discount shipping

·         Huge sale

·         % off

·         Holiday savings

·         Free gift

·         Free shipping

·         Regarding your order


Spam filters block more than just keywords, though. They seek out and dismiss emails containing symbols, words in all caps, and language that appears urgent. Ensuring that your email comes across non-“spammy” is a good step in making sure it gets to the right place. At Prototype IT, we offer spam filter support to prevent you from receiving spam before it even gets to you. Read more here!