6 Reasons why you should move to The Cloud

A new technology that’s all the rage with businesses big and small, heckling all other technology in recent years is the Cloud computing technology. Amidst all of the commotion about it, it’s easy to lose track of what the technology does and why it’s so important. The Cloud offers steeled reasons to why people are dredging through the ins and outs of the Cloud. Let’s take a second to step away from all the commotion and take a look at the key benefits that Cloud computing offers.


1.   Automation

Easily one of the Cloud’s biggest benefits. Businesses do not need to set up teams that handle system updates, back-ups, or on-site security, as all of these tasks are done by the Cloud supplier. Automating these tasks frees up internal resources, as well as your customers’ time.


2.   Security

Following in the footsteps of automated back-ups, businesses using Cloud-based services have a disaster recovery plan. Your valuable data is protected through redundancy, and what that means, is that your data is no longer on one, central server, it’s on multiple servers across the world. This means that there will always be a way to restore the information you’ve lost.

In smaller scale, should you lose a laptop or flash drive containing important data, your data can now be restored through the Cloud. Your data can be accessed no matter what happens to a machine, without ever having to physically back it up yourself.


3.   Flexibility

And because your data is stored on multiple servers across the world, naturally you can access work-related information from anywhere, at any time. As long as you have internet access, you can work from anywhere, offering flexibility to travelling employees or for top-talent that work far from your businesses headquarters.

Should you have multiple operations across multiple continents, you can be assured that the files saved and used in your North American servers can be accessed from your European servers, allowing intercontinental flexibility and collaboration.


4.   Increased Collaboration

Not only does it save time, Cloud technology increases employee collaboration. With all of your files in one, central location, everyone works off of one, central copy. Companies that don’t use the Cloud must send files back and forth through email, making corrections to important documents in rotation.

With the Cloud, your employees can jointly work on the same document –no matter where they are- whilst chatting and making changes together. Because the file can be worked on at the same time by multiple people, no duplications of the file become generated.


5.   No Complications

All of the nitty gritty is done by your service provider, meaning all you need to do is install the Cloud. No need for new, additional hardware or software, and implementation is done remotely. Should you unexpectedly need more bandwidth, Cloud service providers can instantly increase the capacity of their servers, offering you the ability to quickly meet business demands.


6.   Environmentally Friendly

Because you’re only using the server space you need, your carbon footprint decreases. Using the Cloud results in a minimum of 30% less energy consumption and carbon emissions than using on-site servers. For small companies, the benefit is astronomical. The cut in energy use and carbon emissions is, on average, 90%.


The Cloud is redefining the way businesses are ran and how IT services are delivered. Your move to the Cloud is no longer a question of “when” but “how.” At Prototype: IT, we offer Cloud services which oversee all aspects of Cloud adoption, from the desktop, to the server, to your applications. Make sure you have power over your data. Give your business the flexibility it needs while reducing your total cost of ownership. Learn more.