The Cloud


Get your services into the cloud

The Cloud is a revolution in IT. It lets you transform the software you use, moving from locally installed solutions to services that run online. Benefits of cloud services include:

●    Easy accessibility by multiple users.
●    Less risk of downtime.
●    24 x 7 hours of operation.
●    Reduces your licensing expenses and fees.
●    Immediate updates for security vulnerabilities.
●    Less effort for you and your employees.

Moving to the cloud is no longer a question of “if” and “when,” but “how.” We’re experts in migrating services into the cloud and making sure you’re setup with fast, responsive, secure applications. 

Cloud Desktop services

Our hosted desktop services mean an employee can log into their system anywhere they have internet access, and immediately get access to all the software they need to work effectively. All your staff will have access to MS Office and all of their other favorite applications.

CLOUD server

We can easily move all your server needs into the cloud. This makes it easy to access your important information and data from anywhere. Naturally, all of our server cloud technology is protected, backed up, and secure to keep your data safe.

CLOUD Applications

We can help you by migrating as many applications as you need. You choose how much you want to move online and when you want to move it. Our cloud applications include:

●    Hosted Microsoft Exchange and email.
●    A centralized Share Drive for data and collaboration.
●    Applications of your choosing served up via Citrix.

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