Expert IT Consulting Services

All great partnerships start with collaboration. At prototype:IT, we pride ourselves on understanding your requirements and crafting the perfect IT services and solutions to meet your business needs. You don’t need to plan and pay for an internal IT department - Our consultants will help you understand exactly how we can support you. 

Our consultants focus on the challenges your business has - Issues with your current systems, the need to have a scalable infrastructure, ensuring your services are available to your
employees. They’ll combine that with their deep experience and expertise to recommend practical ways we can meet your needs now, while planning for a healthy and prosperous future.

Areas of expertise
We also provide specialist consulting services in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning - Learning where your business is going and putting the IT in place to help you get there.
  • Business project management - Managing your business projects end-to-end so you get exactly the results you need.
  • Technical project management - Plugging the gaps in your IT knowledge and skills by providing experts to work on the technical aspects of your projects.
  • Process enhancement - Simplifying and enhancing business processes for maximum efficiency.

the benefits of our approach

We know it’s important to have professional, technical expertise available when you need it, but the main benefit to you is increasing the resources in your business. You don’t need to worry about finding the right staff to look after IT problems, update systems, or run projects. We can provide the right people, on demand - They have years of specialized experience in the IT field to give you the right type of support and care. You can free up your employees to do what they do best - Run your business, rather than running your IT.

We’ll help you maximize your productivity through our access to dedicated resources, solutions, and best practices. This lowers your IT ownership costs, which you can pass onto your customers, making you more competitive.

We’ll help you build your roadmap to success by projecting your growth, putting scalable services in place to meet demand, and manage any challenges around safety, security, capacity, services, and reliability.

Together we’ll help you build a lasting, prosperous future for your business.

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