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We are very excited to have you on board as a new client. On this page you will find important links regarding your new services and quick resources to get you in touch with the right team members.

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More Benefits of a new computer include:

Unlimited system licenses for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux agents

  • Take Snapshots of protected systems, applications, and files

  • Replicate snapshots to the Datto Cloud for storage and retention (when applicable)

  • Restore systems and individual files from the Datto device and cloud

  • Virtualize backed up systems (OSX cannot be virtualized)

    • On-Site

    • Off-Site (when applicable)

    • Hybrid device to the Datto cloud (when applicable)

  • 24/7/365 US-Based technical support

  • Every system is entitled to 30 days of off-site Virtualization per year. After which a $130.00 per hour fee will apply