pt:VIGIL Report Summaries

Executive Summary
This report provides statistics on the availability and performance of selected network devices and services including CPU utilization, disk utilization, memory utilization, service availability, and notification sent.

License Key Inventory
This report lists all license keys from the applications that were discovered on devices. Some licenses are hidden now from view since software manufacture has a subscription based service where application check-in for validation.

Asset Site Report
This report displays a summary of all of the devices discovered on a network. The devices are grouped by Manufacturer, Model, CPU, Installed Memory, Video Card, Hard Drive Capacity and Operating System - making it easy to understand what devices are present on the network.

Detailed Asset Report
This report list all of the hardware and software information discovered about a device, including the installed applications and patches, detected hardware, and the manufacturer and model of the device.

Missing Patches (Summary)
This report provides a count of how many devices are missing Security/Critical/Definition patches.

Patch Status (Detailed)
This report provides a breakdown of the patches missing on one or more devices, as well as bar graphs that display missing patches by workstation/server and missing patches by patch classification.

Warranty Expiry
This report shows how many devices have a valid warranty and how many have expired warranty.  This report also gives detailed breakdown of how long devices have before their warranty expires.