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Step 2: Review NDA

Prototype:IT respects your privacy. To secure and protect your confidentiality,
we encourage you to complete our mutual NDA.
 Visit our NDA page here to sign.

Step 3: discover your technology 

For us to assess and help you meet your goals, this questionnaire
will provide us with a good baseline of your existing environment.
Install our Discovery Agent and we'll scan your network
and do the hard part for you.

download (4).png

Step 4: consult, review, and validate

Using our tool and reviewing your questionnaire together will allow
prototype:IT and you to determine the next steps.
 Click Here to view the report summaries if a discovery tool was used



Step 6: Receive AND SIGN Quote

You will receive quotes for signature via our DocuSign system for approval.

step 7: Account Setup and welcome letter

Step 8: Receive and pay invoice

Once deposit invoices are paid for your project or services,
prototype:IT will schedule the resources and order new hardware (if applicable).

step 9: Kick-Off Onboarding Call

This initial call will set the tone for our future relationship.  We first discuss how important systems and processes are to the overall success of your business, and what to expect, what’s next, and the process. Have any questions or concerns? We’ll address them here.

Step 10: Conduct Project and On-Boarding Tasks

step 11: confirm nda and csa are signed and completed

step 12: Services are Deployed!


Step 13: Follow-up Audit Check

We care about our clients at prototype, and we want to be the best we can be for them.
After everything is said and done, we will follow back up with you at a future date to make sure
you're happy and everything is running smoothly.

Click Icon for print ready file

Click Icon for print ready file