prototype:IT - SPAM Policy


SMTP – Acceptable Usage Policy

These policies clearly specify acceptable actions for network users, our networks and the Internet. These policies may be changed at any time.

Unsolicited emails (Spam)

Unsolicited email is expressly prohibited. It is illegal in many countries, bad practice and annoys other users. Prototype:IT is actively opposed to Spam in any form. All users of our networks, our clients and third party entities representing our clients must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. Everyone on your email lists must “opt-in” and consent to receive emails from you.

To avoid sending unsolicited emails we recommend:

  • Do not buy email lists
  • Do not use email addresses harvested from the Internet
  • Provide links to let recipients unsubscribe and be promptly removed from your mailing lists
  • Excessive cross-posting is forbidden, don’t do it
  • Include a valid physical address in any mailing list emails

Bulk email guidelines

If you are using Prototype:IT mailing service to send to large numbers of readers please maintain your list. Remove invalid addresses. Include correct headers for all emails and ensure your email system can handle delivery failure notifications.


If an Internet Service Provider Blacklists your account, Prototype:IT may suspend your account or block it from sending to domains hosted by that ISP.

Any violations of the policy or violations by a 3rd party on your behalf will be considered a violation by you. If you abuse our systems or the Internet, we will take action against you.

Systems and Network Security

Any violation of system or network security will be investigated and could result in criminal or civil action taken against the violator. Unauthorized use of or access to data, networks or systems is a violation. Prototype:IT works in full co-operation with law enforcement to investigate suspected criminal violations.

If you have any questions about this policy or need clarification,

Please contact us.