Page-1 CFF Container Sheet.2 Sheet.3 Critical Outage Critical Outage Swimlane List Swimlane Sheet.7 Sheet.8 Critical Outage Manager Critical Outage Manager Swimlane.9 Sheet.10 Sheet.11 Client Client Swimlane.15 Sheet.16 Sheet.17 Technical Team Technical Team Phase List Separator Sheet.13 Sheet.14 Process Receive Notification of Critical Outage 1Receive Notification of Critical Outage Process.19 Critical Outage Notification 4Critical Outage Notification Process.20 Receive Critical Outage Notification 5Receive Critical Outage Notification Process.21 Coordinate Recovery of Critical Outage 3Coordinate Recovery of Critical Outage Decision.25 Critical Outage Resolved? 6Critical Outage Resolved? Decision.26 RCA/Problem Management Required? 7RCA/Problem Management Required? Subprocess.27 Problem Management 8Problem Management Process.28 Send Resolved Notification 9Send Resolved Notification Process.29 Receive Notification 10Receive Notification Subprocess.30 Incident Management 12Incident Management Process.31 Identify Impacted Users, Determine Cadence 2Identify Impacted Users, Determine Cadence Dynamic connector Dynamic connector.34 Dynamic connector.37 No No Dynamic connector.38 Dynamic connector.40 No No Dynamic connector.41 Yes Yes Dynamic connector.42 Yes Yes Dynamic connector.43 No No Dynamic connector.44 Parallel Paths Parallel Paths Dynamic connector.45 Dynamic connector.46 Process.47 Complete Critical Outage 11Complete Critical Outage Dynamic connector.49 Dynamic connector.51 Dynamic connector.52 Parallel Paths Parallel Paths Sheet.59 On Cadence On Cadence