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At Prototype:IT, our 24×7 managed network security services deliver the protection and confidence you deserve for your business and critical data. 

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Network Security Services

Protect Your Business with Managed Network Security Services

With cyber threats continuously increasing, managed cyber security services have become a necessity for companies of all sizes, including small- and medium-size business.

Prototype:IT’s network security services deliver proactive monitoring and management of your IT environment to reduce expensive downtime, enhance productivity and limit potential damages from cyber attacks. We’ll provide maximum security and peace of mind for your business through benefits including but not limited to:

Secured Network Services

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Network Security Services & Solutions

Our managed network security services are available to organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, across the united States and Abroad. Our Network security services and solutions include but are not limited to:

Threat Detection & Response

With Prototype:IT’s 24×7 cybersecurity services and protective monitoring, we’ll proactively identify, isolate and quickly mitigate threats to safeguard your business and protect your valuable data.

Intelligent Patch Management

As cyber threats increase and IT continues to evolve, we’ll proactively patch and update your IT assets and systems to provide maximum protection against the growing list of potential vulnerabilities.

Edge Network Security

Our managed network security services will proactively monitor, manage and configure your firewalls and network infrastructure for maximum defense against evolving cyber threats.

Enhanced Email Security

Malicious email attacks are increasing and our email security solutions will protect your organization from imposters, phishing attempts, spam, malware and unwanted / harmful content and more.

Effective Endpoint Protection

From signature-based security to cutting-edge behavioral and artificial intelligence technology, we’ll protect your business and data against the latest malicious signatures and adaptive malware.

Security Best Practice Training

Whether working in office or remotely, we’ll educate your employees on security best practices including email, passwords, phishing attempts and more to enhance security for your organization.

How Secure is Your Business? Evaluate & Improve with Our Comprehensive Security Assessment

Prototype:IT’s security assessment services will evaluate your environment across various categories and security frameworks appropriate for your business. We’ll deliver in-depth findings, insights, recommendations and a strategic road map for enhancements that will provide maximum protection and best practice security for your business.

Make Your Security Goals a Reality with Managed Network Security Services

Hackers are growing smarter, ransomware attacks are increasing and unfortunate but successful security breaches are on the rise. The negative impacts from these malicious attacks can be costly, disastrous and, in some cases, even business-ending events. And having standard anti-virus software installed on your end-user devices is no longer enough as malware now adapts and evolves around the latest updates to traditional signature-based AV applications. Successfully securing your environment in today’s business world requires specific expertise, sufficient resources and staying at the forefront of technology. And Prototype:IT’s comprehensive network security services provide an end-to-end solution to all your business security needs.

Our team of highly-skilled technologists and security experts will use their extensive experience, our depth of resources and the latest technology advancements to continuously monitor, protect and secure your environment against security threats so that you can focus on your business. Contact us today to enhance the security of your company and data through the Prototype:IT difference.

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The Prototype:IT Difference

Our network security services differentiate through 24×7 proactive monitoring and management of your security needs to fully safeguard your environment. But it’s our core values that we live and our goal to make a positive difference for your business that brings value, benefits and delivery of our brand promise to you and your organization each day including:

Managed network security services
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