Business Continuity Services

Business Continuity Services ensure maximum up-time, productivity and revenue potential with business continuity and disaster recovery solutions from Prototype:IT.

Our expert team of technical specialists will design and implement a best-in-class business continuity plan that’s tailored to the specific needs of your business. And in combination with our effective and well-planned disaster recovery solutions, we’ll ensure the security of your data and the quick recovery and restoration of your environment to minimize costly downtime and related financial impact.

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Business Continuity Services

The Importance of a Business Continuity Management Plan and Disaster Recovery Solution

The majority of small- and medium-size businesses either have never implemented their business continuity plan or have never invested in one. And without an effective disaster recovery solution in place, the potential consequences of an unforeseen event or disaster can be devastating to the bottom-line of your business. With the advent of Cloud Managed IT Services, business continuity planning has become much easier to implement without the major capital investments that used to be required. This reduction in cost explains the projected 29.2% growth in corporate spending on business continuity projects.

Essential business continuity and disaster recovery services include but are not limited to: