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Work from anywhere with VoIP phone service – an all-in-one communications platform that brings employees and customers together through phone, video conferencing, messaging and more to improve collaboration and productivity for your business. 

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VoIP Phone Service

Business VoIP Phone Service for Unified Communications and Increased Collaboration

More than half of companies across the country, from large enterprise to small and medium-size business, have made the shift to VoIP services to leverage this reliable, feature-rich solution. By implementing VoIP phone service throughout your business and across multiple devices as part of our Managed IT Services, you’ll enable employees and customers alike to increase availability, collaboration and ultimately productivity for your bottom-line. Benefits of Business VoIP Phone Service include:

Hosted VoIP Services

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VoIP Service Across All Devices

Untether your business and employees from the restrictions of traditional phones and limited, location-specific access. Prototype:IT’s VoIP service providers offer an all-in-one communications platform and application that delivers voice, video, messaging and more across your available devices including desktop phones, computers, tablets and smartphones. You’ll also achieve higher customer satisfaction through convenience of access and availability to your staff.

Start leveraging the power of VoIP phone service today and accelerate your business growth and customer satisfaction levels through enhanced efficiencies and increased productivity.

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Business VoIP Phone Service

Keep Your Customers Happy, Employees Engaged and Profits Up with VoIP Service

The power, flexibility and affordability of VoIP phone service has become a necessity for any business wanting to thrive and remain competitive in today’s business environment. The increasing expectations and requirements of your customers demand quick and effective interactions and support. Continuing to rely on traditional systems and location specific hardware and applications can result in an ineffectual experience for your clients, often feeling cumbersome and overly time consuming. By equipping your business with best-in-class VoIP phone service that’s cost-effective, feature-rich and leverages the latest technology, you’ll protect your company’s reputation and gain competitive advantage. And by empowering your employees to leverage the power of VoIP phone service across all their favorite devices and enabling them for success, the resulting increase in productivity and engagement will enhance your clients’ experience, customer loyalty, trust, and ultimately the revenue growth and profitability of your business.

With hosted VoIP for business from Prototype:IT – your Managed Service Provider, you can confidently deliver against high customer expectations while successfully driving growth and revenues for your business. The all-in-one platform offered by our VoIP service providers equips you with a single complete solution for voice, video conferencing, team meetings, messaging and faxing that places access, collaboration and responsiveness at the center of your customers’ experience. With quick access to the right resources, real-time collaboration with team members and file sharing across the cloud, VoIP phone service will boost customer satisfaction and retention levels through increased productivity and responsive, positive, time-efficient interactions.

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VoIP Phone Service Analytical Tools for Greater Insight and Control

Prototype:IT’s hosted VoIP for business is a feature-rich phone system that allows effective management of multiple lines and users with greater control and simplicity.

Features of our system include:

  • Call Logs

  • Audit Trail

  • Automatic Call Recording

  • Dial-by-name Directory

  • Caller ID

  • Call Monitoring

  • Multi-level IVR

  • Hot Desking

  • Multi-site Management

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Trusted VoIP Service that’s Highly Available, Reliable and Secure for All Your Communication Needs

With affordable, cost-effective pricing and powerful capabilities, hosted VoIP for business provides an invaluable solution for your modern-day business needs. Prototype:IT’s VoIP service can easily scale to the evolving needs of your business, whether the expansion and growth of your company or a required right-sizing for unforeseen circumstances. And since our VoIP service offers simplicity of administration and management, you’ll be able to easily and instantly initiate, provision and manage any required line additions, moves and changes – even from remote locations. And should your business have international needs, you can eliminate the cost of multiple disparate systems through inbound numbers in over 70 countries with geographic or toll-free numbers that offer local caller ID and the ability to route calls to any device without incurring the higher-related costs.

Prototype:IT’s VoIP service providers boast an industry-leading 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) backed by carrier-grade infrastructure that delivers maximum availability for your 24×7 business communication needs. From large to small and medium-size business, many companies face increasing demands for extended, even global reach and 24×7 support operations. Regardless of the when and where of your business, you’ll have peace of mind and full confidence in the privacy and security of all communications and information thanks to built-in security that encrypts conversations and transmissions between all endpoints. With global cloud infrastructure that has connections to more than 200 ISPs and international carriers, numerous data centers across four regions and enterprise-grade quality of service, our business VoIP phone service will meet your compliance, security and reliability needs while empowering your employees to drive the continued success and future growth of your business across multiple devices, without interruption, at anytime from anywhere.

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